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CAT exam has been changing its structure every year. Still, meticulous implementation of strategy and planning can help to score well in this exam. This year duration of the exam has been changed to 170 minutes. The Exam is divided into two sections (Quant & DI and Verbal & LR) consisting of 50 questions in each section. Following are some tips for preparation of CAT exam which can gear you up for the D-day.

Tip #1: Focus on basics

Thorough knowledge of basic concepts is the key to success in exams like CAT. Focus on the basics of both the sections quantitative ability and verbal ability, stronger the basic easier it is to study in depth of any topic.

Tip #2: Divide your studies in phases

Divide your preparation period into three phases. In the initial phase make yourself well acquainted with the basics of each and every topic. In the second phase, increase the difficulty of the problems you tackle. Try to solve the problems on your own rather than referring to the solutions. Make use of basics that you have learnt in the initial phase. In the third phase; try to solve real exam questions refer to all the previous year question papers.

Tip #3: Test yourself every now and then

Once you have studied the topic, attempt a test on that topic. Attempt tests every fortnight which will consist of all the topics that you have studied. Take the mock tests seriously, it will give you clear idea of where you stand and what all are you strong points and weak points also it is the best practice for time management.

Tip #4: Rigorous calculations practice

The most important thing while preparing for quantitative ability is rigorous calculations practice on an everyday basis. Master yourself by practicing the tricks which are easily available in the books and on an internet. Focus on the chapters like percentages and ratio and proportion to enhance your calculation speed. Smart way of calculation gives you an edge in exams like CAT.

Tip #5: Some suggestions for verbal ability

Read Word Power Made Easy a book by Norman Lewis. You should at least be able to remember all the eight hundred words that are given in the last part of the book. Add minimum 30 to 40 words to your vocabulary daily. Read two passages from any book or from an internet daily and increase the difficulty level after every week. Take any newspaper; read only one or two articles from it every day, analyze those articles and write them in your own words that will increase your analytical skills.

Tip #6: Make a study plan

Study plan plays an important role in completing syllabus as early as possible. Plan your day such that you should be able to touch upon each subject every day or at least once in two days. Do not stretch any topic more than 3 to 4 days; wrap it up as fast as possible. Ideally you should be able to finish each topic in two days except topics like numbers, functions and graphs, permutations and combinations etc.

Tip #7: Score in DI and LR

Practice DI and LR from the start of your preparation for the CAT. Do not postpone it till last the month. DI and LR require fewer efforts to make yourself expert in it, so take the advantage of this opportunity. Solve every problem of DI and LR from previous year question papers of all MBA entrance exams. This will cover all the varieties of problems for both the subjects.

Tip #8: Importance of mock tests

Give the mock test after every fifteen days even if you have not completed your whole syllabus. Never skip mock tests; it’s a tool to assess your own performance. Strictly stick to time limits while attempting mock tests. Every mock test should be given diligently as if it is your real CAT exam.

Tip #9: Practice, Practice and Practice

The more you practice, wide variety of problems you will face and more will be the gain. Forget everything for these few months except CAT exam. Get the admission in your dream institute and life will be beautiful as you had never ever imagined.

Tip #10: Believe in your self

There will be days when your moral would go down, and you would not perform well in mock test or not be able to understand any topic but in such a situation do not lose faith in yourself. Believe in yourself, stick to your plans and do not give up. Inspire yourself whichever way possible. Hold your nerves and give the best.

Prepare your heart out, I bet you; this will be the best preparation period you would ever have.

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