My Experience during WAT and GDPI

WAT experience at IIM Indore

WAT Topic: The Lokpal Bill has been the topic of debate since decades. Do you think it can eradicate corruption? Give your views in about 300 words.

Fortunately, I was familiar with the topic. It was the hot topic of the discussion in those days and hence I was very much aware of facts and figures regarding Lokpal Bill, so I believed I could write about it convincingly.

The best thing about WAT is,most of the times it is based upon current issues or some general issues for example reality shows and its impact on young generation. It hardly happens that topic is very abstract or something very technical. During my experience I haven’t come across any weird topic on which I could not think and write even a word. I spoke with my peers; according to them also topics were general and pretty much manageable.

Structured representation of your thoughts and good writing skills can sail you through the WAT process of any institute. Focus on clear illustration of your ideas rather than flashy words.

Time duration for WAT was 30 minutes. The process that I followed while writing for WAT was, I listed out all the main points which came to my mind about the topic later I organized them in sequence and elaborated accordingly. Finally I wrote my opinion about the topic which I think is vital part of WAT.

Interview Experience at IIM Indore

There were three panelists. Mine was the last interview for that panel.

First question was, tell us; being last candidate is good or bad? I said in some ways it is good and in other ways it is not. Then they asked why it is not good. I said, because panel gets exhausted till last candidate even the candidate also gets tired of waiting. So, there are chances that candidate can lose the enthusiasm etc. They said but being last is advantageous because you get to know all the questions which were asked to earlier candidates. I said, in a way it is right but in my case I could not leverage upon this advantage because I was busy in documental work. Still they thought I must have asked people about their experiences and were not convinced even though I said I did not ask any question to anyone. The panelists were upset about the fact that why candidates share their experiences and increase their own confidence. I think I could not convince them on this properly.

After that, they started with current affairs. They asked me about the Food Security Bill (FSB). They asked me each and every detail about FSB for example how much is the budget for FSB? How many people will get advantage from this? What are the discounted prices of rice and pulses offered under FSB? Some analytic questions like, will government of India be able to cope up with such a huge expenditure? What are the positives and negatives of FSB? Etc.They also asked me about Oscar awards, Grammy awards and Emmy awards. They ask me to differentiate all the three awards.

I am BE (IT) and I have 17 months of work experience. Panel asked me questions on technical front as well. Some of the questions are as follows.

  • Which technology you worked on during work experience?
  • What were your job roles and responsibility?
  • Brief us about your organization?
  • What is abstraction in Java?
  • How does database connectivity takes place in Java?
  • What is normalization in database?
  • What is interface? Why there is no interface feature in C++? What is substitute of interface in C++?

I could answer almost all technical questions. Made some goof ups in award’s question. Overall experience was enriching.

Keep calm, be confident and honest is the key to success in interviews.

Shivanand Pawar

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Currently an IIM Udaipur student. I have done BE (IT) and holds 17 months of work experience.

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