About Us

CrackMyTest.com is a new venture by Paktolus Solutions LLC and HigherL LLC – two acclaimed technology companies that are adept at managing eLearning & eCommerce solutions. For more than 15 years, the company’s e-learning division serves educational institutions, publishers of content and corporations and provides all of the software, hardware, student, faculty and administrative services needed to drive the growth of effective technology driven education. HigherL, with many years of experience overseas, now with complete gusto in the form of CrackMyTest.com, enters India with a need to serve the Indian students after careful circumspection of the demands of the Indian education system. Our in-house content and meticulously designed papers, for several competitive exams like CAT, UPSC and Bank PO, cater to all levels of exams and students.

Why CrackMyTest.com?

Competitive Exams in India

India is a land of tremendous potential and possesses incalculable brilliant minds. Ironically, the aim of the competitive exams goes beyond intelligence; these exams are designed in a manner that can leave the intelligent ones behind, requiring one to possess not only brightness of brain but also the acumen to acquire speed and accuracy synchronously. This is exactly what CrackMyTest.com intends to gear students with.

Carefully Designed Content

With diligence and acuteness, the content provided to you by CrackMyTest.com is picked and devised after an extensive and a rigorous research, in a manner such that the content equips you to answer the most complex questions in the easiest of ways. We comprehend the sanctity of time and hence by ensuring precise yet complete matter, we hone your skills by making you focus on the relevant content. Our content and papers are tailor-made for all strata of students. Our CAT papers are amplified with difficult questions and the solutions are packed with multiple methods of solving questions, Bank PO study material exclusively includes all the headlines and trivia even of the past 6 months and separate chapters for every topic, our UPSC papers also help the students from rural background who face a tough time solving passages, by providing myriad questions on such topics. The quality of our content is not only unique but also classy in its own way.  Every question entails level of difficulty (LOD – easy, medium, and hard) and time given, which helps the student to understand his actual ability of promptly answering. We strive to tantalize the aspirants to defy our ever increasing difficult questions. Simultaneously, we focus on ‘tying the loose ends’ i.e. diminishing the weak areas of a candidate and by rigorously driving the students to master the tough questions with every passing mock test.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We consider technology as the cardinal of any accomplishment. Crackmytest.com assures timed questions, and keeps a track of how much more one needs to speed up. It, immaculately, keeps a record of the past scores and speed, new scores and speed, the level of progress, and sections needed to be paid attention to, thereby virtually creating a progress graph of the candidate. At the same time, we do empathise the glitches and the annoyance technology creates, especially for an already stressed out student in the actual exams. Hence, our tests simulate the actual exam interface to familiarize the candidates much beforehand. Unexpected situations like nature’s call, urgent phone calls, and hunger pangs may compel the student to leave the test midway, hence our tests pick a clue and are automatically logged out, but only for the student to login again and pick his pace from where he had last ended. Voila! And the test is back in progress! The basic requirement being internet, crackmytest.com takes care of all the proceedings once the student has registered.

Extraordinarily Economical

We religiously indulge in reducing the cost of education by constantly contriving better and efficient ways, without negotiating on the quality of our delivery. Our free mock tests provide all candidates to experience the level of questions and a chance for self- analysis of scores, which only gets better with our new mock tests that focus on improvising on low scores and trouble creating sections.  Plus no more travel hassles to coaching institutes! Irrespective of the weather outside, CrackMyTest.com provides for an uninterrupted studying experience. All content and mock tests under one roof – your roof, your computer!

Bringing Rural Students to the Forefront

Rural areas are thirsty for education and enhancement. CrackMyTest.com, with profound empathy, reaches to these needy, with subsidised fees and a many thousand smiles in return. With a major chunk of rural crowd targeting CAT and UPSC exams, our intention remains to bring them up by providing them with innumerable questions yet followed by simple explanations. Exploring easy and innovative ways to teach the underprivileged, we are enriching the society as whole; we are teaching.

Our Passion

We do what we love. And what we love, we shall forever do: IMPART KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS. The first brick of CrackMyTest.com lay with fervent desire to teach and uplift the society. Today, our walls are concreted with dedication in every brick. We deliver with passion, we enhance with compassion.